Super Mario App for Android: Cyber-criminals hype

So far, Android users can not download the Super Mario app. This is about to change soon.

Since mid-December, the Super Mario app has been the superstar of iOS devices. In just four days the game was downloaded 40 million times. Since then 90 million Super Mario fans are supposed to have the game on their Apple devices.

Now, Android users are also waiting longingly for the app. And cyber-criminals exploit this shamelessly. When the Super Mario app for Android is available and where the dangers lurk – we will tell you.

Why is there no Android versions of Super Mario Run so far? Security concerns are the reason for this. The manufacturer Nintendo is afraid of pirated copies of the game. They appear on Apple’s system much less frequently than on hacker-friendly Android devices.

Super Mario App for Android from spring 2017

But now Super Mario App will soon be available for Android at last. Insider reports say as early as spring of 2017. You can pre-register for the game on Google Play Store until the time comes. On the day of the release you will receive a message that you can download the app ‘Here we go!!’. So because it is not too long to wait, take a look at our previous blog post Super Mario Run which tells you all about the game or of course you can check out the Nintendo Super Mario page.

Fake versions of Super Mario Run with Trojans

Until you are able to download the official app from Google Play store, you should be careful not to download alleged Super Mario apps. Because hackers use interest in the game to lure careless Mario fans into a trap. With fake versions, cyber-criminals try to cheat you with viruses and Trojans. This is what the Internet security vendor Zscaler has found.

Zscaler has discovered a new variant of the Marcher Trojan which poses as the Super Mario Run Android app. It is a sophisticated banking malware strain that targets a wide variety of banking and financial apps and credit cards by presenting fake overlay pages. Once the user’s mobile device has been infected, the malware waits for victims to open one of its targeted apps and then presents the fake overlay page asking for banking details. As the experts from Zscaler have found out, the Marcher Trojan is being constantly developed further. The criminals use current trends to address the largest possible target group.

Super Mario App not in the Play Store

The false Super Mario app however is not available in the Google Play Store. It is advertised in manipulated ads on various websites. After installation, the malicious app requires administrative permissions. The attackers also use fake websites for credit card information. These pages will open as soon as the victim wants to open the Google Play Store. Instead, the Play Store is locked – until the credit card information has been entered. Now the criminals have access to your personal bank data.

Tips for downloading the Super Mario app

When you download the app, make sure that the title matches the original. The game is called “Super Mario Run”. And check the manufacturer name: Only “Nintendo Co. Ltd.” is the real one. Basically, you should download apps only from trusted sources such as Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store.

If you have already downloaded a fake Super Mario app, change your passwords as fast as possible, inform your bank and run your virus scanner.