WhatsApp message recall: New features in the popular Messenger

One of the new features is that you can get a WhatsApp message recall. Photo: Twitter (@WABetaInfo)

WhatsApp is considered the most popular messenger app. More than 1 billion people worldwide use the news service. WhatsApp has developed new features to keep up, and to attract more users: Recalling a WhatsApp message after it has been sent is only one new feature.

Read on to find out what Whatsapp’s new functions and features are.

WhatsApp message recall

A great novelty will be that a WhatsApp message can be recalled after you have sent it. You will not have to send any messages “was not intended for you” or “wanted to write someone else”. So embarrassment can be avoided for messages sent to an unintended recipient. However, this new feature will only work if your chat partner has not read your message yet. The recipient sees the message “message recalled”  so they will know that you have recalled a message.

WhatsApp edit messages

In addition to recalling messages you have already sent, there are more new products: WhatsApp messages edit is one of them. After you send a message, you can edit it – correct errors, write something or delete parts. For this, there is the Edit button. But here too, the receiver sees that you have changed the message later.

Offline Chat now also for iOS

Offline chat is nothing new for Android users, but for iPhone owners on the other hand, this facility will now be available. Until now, iPhone users were not allowed to send a message without Internet connection. The button was greyed and could not be used. Now this has changed. You can also tap “Send” when you’re offline. Once the mobile phone is out of the ‘dark spot’  WhatsApp will automatically send the message. As long as the message has not yet been sent, you will see a small clock symbol instead of the hook. If the old hook is lit, you know your message has arrived at the receiver. This update is included in the Apple AppStore available.

New feature for Android and iOS: 30 photos

Up to now, the sending of photos and films via WhatsApp was restricted to ten media per message. Now a new feature is available. Android users can already send 30 photos. Or 30 videos in one go, whenever you want. This mass transfer is now also possible for iPhone users. You can now send up to 30 media in one message.

In addition, the WhatsApp makers have also changed the settings for saving usage. You can now delete messages, pictures or videos from the chats. To do this, select a chat in “Preferences” / “Data and Storage Usage” / “Save Usage”. Click “Clear Chat History” and select and delete the desired file types.

When is the WhatsApp update available?

But when will the WhatsApp app update ? When can you use all the new features? This is not yet known. So far only screenshots of the beta version are on the net. To continue using WhatsApp, you must have a smartphone supported by WhatsApp. If you still aren’t a Whatsapp user but want to join the large WhatsApp community to chat with your friends, you can download the app from the Google Play Goals or Apple AppStore.