Windows 10 advertising: How to turn ads off in the operating system

Advertising can be quite annoying But you can block Windows 10 advertising.

Advertising is everywhere: on posters, on TV, on the Internet and now also advertising in Windows Explorer. But you can block Windows 10 advertising if you want. Microsoft’s own services and products are massively advertised, once the computer is switched on it’s hard to know how to turn them off.

The advertising of Windows products in Windows 10 will be everywhere soon: whether on the screen, in the start menu, by pop-up messages or in Windows Explorer. How you can block this advertising? We will tell you.

We have got used to the many advertisements in our lives. Have you ever been watching an exciting film on TV and it gets interrupted by an advertisement break? Even if you are on the Internet, banners pop up incessantly. But Microsoft is now using Windows Explorer to advertise. And the appropriate deactivation methods are well hidden.

Windows 10 advertising

Even if they are well hidden, you can still block Windows 10 advertising. If you know the right method, you’ll get rid of the annoying ads very quickly. However, there is no button for the entire Microsoft advertising, you must deactivate in different places.

Block advertising in the Start menu

Are you particularly worried about advertising from the Start menu? Then you must block Windows 10 advertising here. To do this, go to Settings and click on “Personalisation”. Select “Start” and set the option “Show occasional suggestions on the Start menu” to “Off”. In the future, you will not receive any ads in the Start menu.

Windows 10 Advertising in PopUps

Also these annoying popups are in the task list. But you can also do something about it. If you are not  interested in Windows 10 advertising on Edge, Cortana or OneDrive go to the settings and select ” System”. Then “Notifications and Actions”. If you set the “Get Windows Tips, Tricks and Suggestions” option set to “Off”. This means that you will not be able to see any more ads.

Block advertising on the screen

Have you ever switched on the computer and an advertisement is already on the screen? If you do not want that, go back to the settings. First click on “Personalisation”, then on “Restore Screen” and select “Picture” as “Background”. Show ” Entertainment , Tips, and more for Windows and Cortana on the lock screen” on “Off”.

Windows 10 Block advertising in Explorer

Windows Explorer also likes to advertise, especially after an update. If you want to disrupt this advertisement, then you can block the Windows 10 adverts in Explorer. For this you have to click on “View” and “Options” in Explorer. Then select “View” and un-check “Show sync provider notifications”. This will turn off this Microsoft advertising.

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